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1/2" - 1" Small Gray Tumbled Lava Stone

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Small Gray Tumbled Lava Stones

The modern, classy look of American Fire Glass Lava Stones adds a warm, rustic elegance to any fire feature. These stones are naturally formed, then put through a smoothing process (tumbling), giving them their smooth, round shape. Because they are volcanic, they can withstand the most extreme temperatures without sustaining any damage or crumbling, making them a cost-effective, long-lasting, and beautiful addition to your fire pit, fire bowl & indoor or outdoor fireplace. Lava stones offer durability and provide a low-maintenance natural element that looks great as part of your indoor or outdoor space.

Design & Construction Features:

American Fire Glass Small Gray Lava Stones are made from naturally occurring volcanic rock, allowing them to withstand extreme temperatures without any loss of color or change in shape. These lava stones feature a smooth porous profile, which creates improved airflow and better flames. The colors of the stones range from dark grey to black, creating a dramatic effect that will add a warm rustic elegance to your fire - whether in a fire pit or fireplace.

Product Details

  • Made from naturally-occurring volcanic rock
  • Stones range in width from half an inch to 1 inch
  • Use with liquid propane or natural gas
  • The smooth porous profile creates improved airflow, which creates better flames
  • The color of the stones ranges from dark grey to black
  • High quality, low maintenance: durable, long-lasting, and cost effective
  • For indoor or outdoor use in fire bowls, fire pits, and indoor or outdoor fireplaces
  • Weight: 10 Lbs
  • Packaging Dimensions (L x W x H): 13" x 7" x 5"