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1" - 2" Medium Gray Tumbled Lava Stone

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Medium Tumbled Lava Stones

American Fireglass' Medium Lava Stones deliver an all-natural and modern alternative media option for both fire pits and fireplaces. Little upkeep and no assembly is required. Simply pile the stones in your desired location and enjoy.

Each lava stone is between 1" - 2" in width, which gives your flames more room to breathe through.

American Fire Glass prides itself on providing high-quality and lifetime-lasting products. That's why Medium Tumbled Lava Stones come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Product Details

Lava stones are the byproduct of volcanic lava that is hardened by the cool waters of the ocean. Once harvested, they undergo a smoothing process called 'tumbling' that ensures that the stones will last a lifetime. Since they are volcanic, these stones can withstand extreme temperatures and can emit more heat than traditional media, keeping your days by the fire longer and warmer.

  • Material: Lava rock
  • Size: ½" to 1"
  • Color: Brown to black
  • Weight: 10 Lbs.
  • Packaging Dimensions (L x W x H): 13" x 7" x 5"