Blaze Wind Guards for Gas Grills

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The Blaze wind guard is custom designed for high wind situations, such as coastal areas or balconies. Grilling in strong winds is often challenging. The Blaze Wind Guard allows you to cook on lower settings, keeps the burners lit, and prevents the fire from going out, even in strong winds. Designed to mount within the existing grill cutout or inside the insulated jacket for easy installation. This product is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Key Features

This heavy duty 304 stainless steel wind guard easily integrates into outdoor areas by conveniently mounting into your existing cutout or insulated jacket. Wind guards shield the grill from winds of up to 25 MPH, and are backed by a Lifetime warranty.

Below are the wind guard models and the grill models they are compatible with:

  • BLZ-WG-25: 3 Burner Traditional Grill Wind Guard
  • BLZ-WG-32: 4 Burner Traditional/LTE Grill Wind Guard
  • BLZ-WG-40: 5 Burner Traditional/LTE Grill Wind Guard
  • BLZ-PROWG-27: 2 Burner Professional Grill Wind Guard
  • BLZ-PROWG-34: 3 Burner Professional Grill Wind Guard
  • BLZ-PROWG-44: 4 Burner Professional Grill Wind Guard


BLZ-WG-25 Dimensions

19″ H × 28½″ W × 12″ D

BLZ-WG-32 Dimensions

19″ H × 36″ W × 12″ D

BLZ-WG-40 Dimensions

19″ H × 43 11/16″ W × 12″ D

BLZ-PROWG-27 Dimensions

20½″ H × 30½″ W × 12″ D

BLZ-PROWG-34 Dimensions

20½″ H × 38″ W × 12″ D

BLZ-PROWG-44 Dimensions

20½″ H × 48″ W × 12″ D