Summerset 8-Piece Pizza Oven Accessory Kit

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The Summerset Pizza Oven Accessory Kit comes packed with all the necessary tools you'll need to make your pizza night with friends and family a hit. Firstly, it includes a custom 15 X 14-inch ceramic stone that is expertly designed to retain and evenly distribute heat, enabling you to bake pizza with a consistently crispy crust. And by using the included steel smoker box, you can infuse your pizza with an enticing wood-fired flavor that's universally loved. This comprehensive 8-piece set also consists of a stainless steel grill rack, a large leather glove to protect you from high heat, a foldable pizza paddle for easy handling, a multi-functional stainless steel cutter/spatula, a 9-inch stainless steel wheel cutter for effortless pizza slicing, and a serving spatula, also made of stainless steel, to aid in seamless serving.

Key Features

  • Custom ceramic pizza stone is built to withstand the high temperatures of your grill or oven
  • Smoker box allows you to add an authentic wood-fired taste to your pizza
  • Large leather glove protects against heat
  • Foldable pizza paddle makes it easy to maneuver or remove pizzas
  • Includes ceramic pizza stone, stainless steel grill rack, foldable pizza paddle, stainless steel cutter/spatula, 9-inch wheel cutter, leather glove, steel smoker box, and stainless steel serving spatula