Summerset Alturi Built-In Gas Infrared Sear Side Burner

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Side Burners are perfect for those who want to cook outside but still maintain the convenience of being indoors. The Alturi Sear Side Burner features infrared technology fueled by gas to generate a massive 26,000 BTUs to create a perfect sear on your meats. Reaching temperatures up to 1,600 Fahrenheit, this burner will sear thick cuts of beef or pork, locking in flavor and creating coveted grill marksPart of our Alturi line of luxury outdoor cooking appliances, the Alturi Sear Side Burner features the same elegant design and craftsmanship with #304 stainless steel construction, LED illumination, high/low adjustment for enhanced cooking versatility, and a stainless steel lid to protect the burner when not in use.

  • Side Burners: Ideal for outdoor cooking with indoor convenience
  • Alturi Sear Side Burner: Gas-fueled infrared technology for perfect searing
  • Generates a massive 26,000 BTUs for optimal heat
  • Reaches temperatures up to 1,600 Fahrenheit for searing thick cuts of meat
  • Locks in flavor and creates desired grill marks
  • Part of the Alturi line of luxury outdoor cooking appliances
  • #304 stainless steel construction with elegant design and craftsmanship
  • LED illumination for enhanced visibility
  • High/low adjustment for versatile cooking options
  • Stainless steel lid for burner protection when not in use

Key Features

Fuel Type

Natural Gas, Propane


#304 Stainless Steel Construction

Total BTUs

26,000 BTUs

Front Panel Lighting

LED Front Panel Lighting

Burner Type

Infrared Burner (Up to 1600°F)

Total Cooking Surface

244.38 (square inches)

Grate Thickness

Heavy-Duty 9mm Cooking Grates

Side Burner Cover Feature

Protective Stainless Steel Cover


Industry Top Warranty


Model Number: ALTSS
Contractor Sheets: ALTSS Line Drawings

Alturi Manual



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Alturi Sear Side Burner w/ LED Illumination